Donetsk on the air. Look for support!

Donetsk on the air. Look for support!

Hi friends, I want to thank you for what you read and watch me. It is very important to see the feedback and understand that everything is not in vain.

As you can see, I pay particular attention to my Youtube channel to its development. The most popular playlist of today — the war in Donetsk. I try to show what lives today Donetsk, moving away from policy and high thinking about who is to blame and what to do. The life of ordinary people in the streets of the city during the war.

Now the big problem — a camera that will stay in Donetsk with cameramen Vitaly Skoblikov . He will be able to help me shoot scenes of life in Donetsk. Also need a microphone to Vitaly and Alexander Boev continued heading «Donetsk residents say.» We need another microphone for projects related to urban issues. It is such a minimum that is necessary for the successful continuation of the channel.

Always put yourself in all the equipment, but I can not afford now the new investments. I hope that it is necessary for you, my readers and viewers, and together we can make a big step forward.

How to help?

First of all, I’m glad to any kind words, comments and suggestions. If you have a chance to help financially, you can do it convenient for you.

1. Using Webmoney — U 193194616015 or Z107882748894.
2. Using Western Union to the name of Denys Lapin, Ukraine.


Please by sending your payment, do not forget to send me contact details so that I can send you a small gift.
For a small fee I will send you an interesting historic postcard.

For more substantial contribution will send a real mine tag. They were used in the lamp department and the other departments of mines of Donbass. This tags, which has passed through the hands of these miners, sort of a guardian of the region’s history.

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